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Motorhome Maintenance Checklist

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  • 12-08-2021
Motorhome Maintenance Checklist

Are you looking for a motorhome maintenance checklist? We have compiled a list of all the important checks that you need to make to ensure your motorhome remains in good condition.

Motorhome Maintenance Checklist.

Maintenance on a motorhome is essential if you want to keep it in working order. You probably got a motorhome for travel and holidays, but it can also be expensive. You don't want to spend a lot of money letting it rot and seeing the money wasted. 

To keep the motorhome in the best possible condition, constant RV maintenance on various areas of the vehicle is essential for it to maintain its value in the long run.

Over time, just like anything else, it will show signs it is getting older and more issues will arise if not appropriately maintained. If these issues are neglected for too long, they can begin to affect your living space and reduce the price of your motorhome.

Here are a few checklists that you should keep in mind and do to ensure your motorhome is kept in the best condition for as long as possible. 

Motorhome Maintenance Checklist

Here are a few checklists that you should keep in mind and do to ensure your motorhome is kept in the best condition for as long as possible:

Check for Damp:

Damp inside your motorhome is something no one wants and can lead to mould, eventually affecting your overall health. A lot of damp can be avoidable with proper precautions and regular checks, but this does not mean you can avoid it altogether. 

Although preventing it would be best, it will be almost impossible to do so but catching it early and stopping it from getting worse is something else you should be aiming for.    

There are a few guides that you can find which indicate where you should regularly check to see damp but having inspections done at least once a month is advised even if you don't use the motorhome often.   

Check for Leaks: 

Leaks can occur from many places around the motorhome and can sometimes be challenging to locate for some time. These leaks can come from door frames, windows or other seals on the motorhome. Even the slightest bit of damage on the interior or exterior of the rig can create a gap big enough for drops of water to enter while raining.  

Whether you know about the damage or not, you will eventually find out the issue with the vehicle. This is why checks on seals and any potential damage around the vehicle are important. 

Flush the Water:

If you haven't used your motorhome for a while, the water stored inside the vehicle will be old and could have bacteria forming. 

If you are getting ready for a journey in the motorhome, you should begin the preparations by flushing out the tank and putting fresh water back in after the tank has been cleaned. 

You should clean and sterilise the tank to keep the drinking and bathing water fresh and ready for your trip. 

Check Gas Appliances: 

Many motorhomes use gas appliances, but these can be dangerous if they are not maintained appropriately. Make sure your appliances are in top condition before you hit the road. 

Having pets in your motorhome is common, but these can also end with pets and sometimes insects causing damage to your vehicle over time, especially if you have not used it in some time. 

Not only can the damage be irritating to find and fix, but it can also cause serious damage if it ignited while in use. 

Give it a Clean:

Cleaning your motorhome may sound simple and something obvious, but cleaning will help at some point. Whether you think of yourself as a messy person or not, giving your motorhome a clean once in a while is also essential. 

Even the smallest bit of dirt over time can cause deterioration if not removed.  Check the Tyres: The tyres are constantly used on your journey and are important for getting on the road and safety. If they are not in proper conditions, they can cause accidents and stop you from driving safely, such as stopping properly.   

Check Other Appliances: 

You will have other appliances that do not rely solely on gas, and these should also be checked. 

You will depend on many other appliances at some point, such as a freezer, fridge and more. Whether it be gas appliances or others, ensuring that these work properly and safely will benefit your health.    

Appliances, just like anything else, will eventually age, and some things will break. You should keep this in mind and do maintenance every so often to ensure they work correctly and safely.    

Check the Tyres: 

The tyres are constantly used on your journey and are important for getting on the road and safety. If they are not in proper conditions, they can cause accidents and stop you from driving safely, such as stopping properly. 

If the tyres have too much grip taken off, then it won't have enough to slow the car down if needed.

If you haven't used your motorhome throughout the winter months, the tyre pressure will have decreased, which can also cause blowouts while on the road if you are not careful.  

Check the Battery: 

The vehicle won't start or supply power to your appliances without the battery working. If you haven't used your motorhome in some time, your battery will likely need charging. Otherwise, it might not work as intended or at all. 

The recommendation is to charge your vehicle's battery before a long journey. If the battery has not been driven in the past six weeks, you should have it recharged for safety. 

Check the Oil:

As with almost any vehicle going on the road, you should check the oil, coolant and any other liquids in your vehicle. This is a basic check to be done and necessary for a vehicle going on the road after some time.

If any of your liquids need to be topped up, this should be done as soon as possible. This also goes for any problems found while checking the fluids in your vehicle. They should be addressed as soon as possible. 

Check Headlights and Brake lights: 

Your headlights and brake lights are an essential part of your motorhome and are safety features that help you and others on the road know whether you are breaking and allows you to see in certain situations. 


A servicing or MOT for your vehicle is something done annually for a car and is essential to the vehicle's health and safety of yourself and others on the road. 

Having a motorhome serviced will highlight problems that would not have been seen otherwise. 

An MOT will ensure the motorhome is safe for use on the road and mean you have all documents for insurance before you start your journey. 

As the owners, you are responsible for ensuring your vehicle is safe and obeying the road requirements. You will want your motorhome in tip-top shape before setting off. 

Maintaining a motorhome

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